Health Insurance for International Students - FAQs

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Do I need health insurance?
Absolutely! It’s important to have an internationally recognized health insurance policy. You can obtain one in Latvia as well. For more details, reach out to the International Cooperation Centre.

How can I purchase health insurance for international students?

You can purchase it online at

The offer includes insurance for the Temporary Residence Permit (TUA) process and the option to get comprehensive health insurance after obtaining the TUA card.

How does the purchase of entry insurance work?

Fill in the required information, specify the desired start date, and make the payment.
After the payment, you’ll receive the insurance policy via email.
The entry insurance is valid for 400 days, reducing the need for additional insurance due to inaccuracies in the dates.

How does personal health insurance work?

You can purchase personal health insurance once you have received the residence permit and Latvian ID.
If you wish to lower treatment costs, you can exclude certain services. However, we recommend maintaining the existing coverage to ensure better protection.

Are there plans for improved insurance options?

Yes, for actively engaged students, there are plans to enhance coverage and lower prices.

Wishing you a successful academic year and good health!

31 Aug 2023