Cost of Living in Jelgava - FAQs

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Delve into the essential details of cost-effective living in Jelgava. Curious about expenses for food, transportation, utilities, entertainment, and more? Our comprehensive FAQ provides valuable insights to help you navigate your financial journey while pursuing your academic aspirations in Jelgava. Discover how to manage your budget while making the most of your student life in this dynamic city.

Here’s a breakdown of the estimated monthly living expenses for a student in Jelgava, Latvia:

  • Accommodation: 127 EUR
  • Food: 200 EUR
  • Transportation: 30 EUR
  • Utilities: 10 EUR
  • Entertainment: 50 EUR
  • Other expenses: 100 EUR
  • Total: 514 EUR

Food: How much can I expect to spend on food each month?

  • For a single person in Jelgava, the average monthly expenditure on food, including groceries, dining out, and snacks, is approximately 200 EUR.

Transportation: What are the transportation costs like in Jelgava?

  • Public transportation is budget-friendly in Jelgava. A monthly pass for public transport costs around 30 EUR. Additionally, you can easily get around by biking or walking.

Utilities: What’s the cost of utilities for a single person?

  • Utilities, including electricity, gas, and water, typically amount to around 10 EUR per month for an individual.

Entertainment: How much should I budget for entertainment?

  • Jelgava offers various free and low-cost entertainment options. However, if you plan to visit bars or restaurants, budget around 50 EUR per week.

Other expenses: What about additional costs?

  • Miscellaneous expenses like phone bills, personal care items, and clothing can vary based on your personal needs. On average, anticipate spending around 100 EUR per month for these items.

Total: What’s the overall monthly cost of living for a student?

  • Considering an accommodation cost of 127 EUR per month, a student’s total monthly living expenses would be approximately 500 EUR. This is an economical cost of living, particularly when compared to other European cities.

31 Aug 2023